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The widespread use and application of hemp-based products continues to expand with new innovations alongside practical purposes occurring frequently. In the current pandemic-based world climate, one French company has utilized the unique properties and availability of hemp to create a solution to a common product we now all use every day – a mask.

The Geochanvre Mask is a hemp-based facemask that has seen heavy use and popularity in France and this practical product is now gaining excitement all across the world. The unique design of this mask, and the material from which it is made, has resulted in yet another easily evident application of hemp fiber and shows how adaptable and accommodating the plant can be. It also indicates how the increased acceptance of hemp in recent years has proven to be a benefit not only for those who grow the plant and sell products produced from it but also demonstrates a potential life-saving use in the fight against the spread of COVID-19.


Géochanvre states that this mask is the first fully ecological and ethical consumer mask, which is indicated by a fully biodegradable and compostable design made of 100% vegetable felt made from all natural hemp fibers. The hemp used for the production of the masks is grown in France and the production has been kept in country so far as well. The mask contains no glue or any sort of additional treatment to the hemp felt it is made of so makes for a great option for anyone looking for a naturally produced face mask for personal or ecological reasons.

The filtering properties of the mask are controlled and backed by the Directorate General of the Armed Forces (DGA) of France and its performance conforms to UNS category 2 – a certification for textile masks demonstrating effective function when in use. The masks offer 89% filtration efficiency for particles at 3 micrometers in size while also providing air permeability of 459 liters/m2/sec. They are single-use masks that can either be purchased assembled or in an easy-to-construct kit.

As we all do are part to ease the effects of the pandemic and stop the spread of the virus, it’s great to know there are ecological-minded options out there built from natural hemp fibers that won’t end up in a landfill or the streets after use. The Géochanvre Mask is an innovative solution to an in-demand product and fully demonstrates the adaptable application of hemp.

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