Pesticides Bugging Hemp Farmers

Petar Petrov
Written by Petar Petrov

Pesticides have been somewhat of a sensitive topic among hemp farmers, and for good reason. Up until recently, there hardly were any pesticides approved for use on hemp, leaving farmers confronted with a dilemma – a choice between unapproved pesticides, some other kind of protection that may or may not work, or leaving their crop at the mercy of nature.

This has been an ongoing struggle since 2014 when hemp production for research purposes was given the green light, and a particularly frustrating one since 2018 when the Farm Bill was enacted and approving pesticides to this end became possible in the first place.

Considering that a lot of hemp is specifically produced for CBD extraction purposes, or in other words for hemp concentration purposes, any harmful pesticides that farmers may have been using would be concentrated in the CBD extracts as well. This is clearly something that should be bugging hemp farmers, to say the least.

The announcement of 10 EPA-approved pesticides for hemp cultivation in December 2019 has hopefully given hemp farmers some sense of clarity and peace of mind. The 10 options consist of 9 biopesticides and 1 conventional one.  Out of the 9 biopesticides, 4 come from Agro Logistic Systems, 2 from Marrone Bio Innovations, and 3 from Hawthorne Hydroponics, which is also the company behind the conventional pesticide.

This means that any pesticide outside of those 10 should bug hemp farmers, if not for anything else then for regulatory reasons.

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