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Tips to Streamline Hemp Processing

Caleb Summeril
Written by Caleb Summeril

New opportunities abound in growing hemp on a large scale thanks in part to an ease of regulations at the federal level that has made it more enticing and potentially lucrative than ever before. And even though this bodes well for many farmers and producers, they still need to pay attention to some best practices to streamline hemp processing in order to maximum yields and returns to ensure success in the long run.

Get the Best Equipment Possible

Larger scale hemp production demands utilizing the best equipment to help with processing at all levels. This equipment comes with initial upfront costs, but the ability it can provide to help you streamline the production process can pay dividends very quickly. A hemp harvesting machine can aide in harvesting far more acreage than can be done by hand. This machine can quickly and effectively harvest whole, intact plants for a rapid harvest.

Bucking, or separating the flower from the rest of the plant, is another step where equipment can provide a boost to processing. A bucking machine can handle hundreds of pounds of plant matter per hour and really increase overall processing volumes. A high quality machine, like those similar to this model by Triminator will feature a 100% duty cycle – meaning it can be operated non-stop until your entire harvest is bucked.

A trimming machine can also be implemented into an operation to speed up processing. These machines can trim hemp flower to get it ready for direct sale or other purposes and takes a tedious task that was once only possible by hand and streamlines it into another effective aspect of processing. A good trimmer will preserve hemp flower and limit trichome loss and result in an excellent end product ready for market.

Final Thoughts

There are other steps to streamlining a hemp production process in addition to utilizing machinery. These can vary for individual productions and can come down to personal preference or be influenced by growing conditions and other parameters unique to an operation. Using any of the machinery mentioned above is a nearly certain way to modernize hemp processing and set yourself up for continued success.

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